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Our Mission

Originally founded in 1978, Haywood Health Foundation has served the citizens of Haywood County for more than three decades. We love our community and want all stakeholders to feel they have access to the healthcare they need. Our mission is to improve the health status of Haywood County, its individuals and families through educational programs, grants, scholarships, and leadership opportunities. We know that quality healthcare is essential to a productive life. It’s our goal as a foundation to assist individuals and agencies in a number of ways, all with the ultimate goal of fostering a healthier community for our present and future generations. We believe in combining efforts in order to maximize the well-being of those in our community. To achieve our missions and goals, we partner with community agencies and nonprofits. This partnership includes working together to ascertain healthcare needs in Haywood County, determining qualified applicants and funding services.


We focus on the unmet healthcare needs of individuals and families of Haywood County through funding educational programs, grants and scholarships and partnering with organizations and agencies.


Our volunteers devote countless hours in support of Haywood Health Foundation. Through assisting at events, securing sponsorships and serving on our board, these dedicated people work tirelessly to meet the healthcare needs of our community.


Donors provide the funding that allows Haywood Health Foundation to make a substantial, positive impact on the lives and health of Haywood County individuals and families.