October 27, 2016

Scholarships Change Lives for HCC Nursing Students

HHF scholarships for nurses

Two students from Haywood Community College received scholarships from the Haywood Healthcare Foundation.  These outstanding individuals graduated and are now successfully employed by Haywood Regional Medical Center.

A luncheon was held in honor of Donors and Recipients of all types at the Canton Armory on October 6, 2016.  Executive Director, Susan Anderson honored the two 2016 recipients although they were unable to attend due to their work schedules.  Notes from these two shining stars are attached:

“I regretfully am unable to attend the 2016 Scholarship Appreciation Luncheon due to work obligations and how busy life has gotten since graduation.  But, if I stop and think about it, I am so very fortunate. I have a career that I love.  I have a way to meet my family’s financial obligations and prepare for retirement.  And, I have a way to make a difference in the health of the people of our community.

The nursing program at HCC is very demanding.  When I first start, everyone told me it would take over my life and I soon found out how true that statement was.  I was working full-time (and even extra on the side) to provide for my family.  Without the scholarships I received, I am not sure I would have completed the program or been the new nurse I am today.  Receiving the scholarships had a direct impact on how much time I could devote to my education and studies and to be successful in the program.

So, not only am I fortunate, I am so very appreciative of everyone involved in making the scholarships available to students just like me.”

Marvin Little


“I am writing to say how much that the scholarship I received from Haywood Healthcare Foundation helped me to succeed.  The scholarship allowed me to be able to finish my degree in nursing on time.  College can be so expensive with the cost of books, gas to clinical facilities from Asheville to Murphy, and childcare costs.  My scholarship helped me to pay for all of those things and still be able to study and pass my classes.  I am very thankful to the Haywood Healthcare Foundation for their help.  I graduated in May, passed boards in June and I now have a job as an RN at HRMC and can proudly support myself and my son.”

Angela Inman