February 10, 2015

Healthcare Grants and Scholarships


When our community hospital sold to Duke LifePoint in August of 2014, we were unsure about the fate of the hospital’s foundation. Since 1978, the Foundation has supported the hospital in a number of ways to make a positive impact on our community.

Our contributions included but were not limited to the following;

  • building projects
  • health initiatives
  • scholarships
  • purchases of necessary equipment

After the hospital sale, the Foundation’s board decided that we weren’t ready to stop our work. Even though we knew we wouldn’t be able to provide funds to a for-profit entity, we knew we could still find a multitude of ways to support the health of our community and the citizens of Haywood County.

We put our heads together and developed a new direction for the hospital foundation. With a shift in direction, we changed our name to Haywood Healthcare Foundation and devised the following mission statement:

“To improve the health status of Haywood County, its individuals and families through educational programs, grants, scholarships and leadership opportunities.”

We are excited to offer healthcare grants and scholarships and partner with community organizations to fund initiatives that will improve the  health of individuals and families in Haywood County. We are currently partnering with Haywood County law enforcement to purchase drug safes in an effort to protect citizens from prescription drug abuse and overdose.

We also provide scholarships for high school students who are planning on a career in the medical profession and to practicing nurses who need financial assistance for continuing education.

It’s an exciting time for Haywood Healthcare Foundation. This is only the beginning of a meaningful journey.